Quick Manual

Tasty.li - is a collaborative platform that allows you to improve your restaurant experience and help others to benefit from collaborative ranking.

Sign-in and rate your experience with particular Dishes in any Venue (a restaurant, cafe, bistro, buffet, etc).

Some Venues still do not have a menu filled, so you need to add the Dish before rating it.

Sometimes we have a Venue missing in our database - so, we allow registered Users to add a new Venue.


Venue - any place you can eat and/or drink. Typically it is a restaurant, cafe, pub, and so on. Any Venue is welcome.

Editing Venue information

A Venue owner can edit his/her Venue information and menu, once the ownership is confirmed. Please contact us to apply for the ownership.


By contributing to the Site, you craft your Karma.

Every positive and negative action has its value for the Karma increment.

A negative Karma value could lead to restrictions or even a ban on your account.

Positive (helpful) actions

Honest, constructive contributions will always be appreciated and help to improve Karma.

For example:

  • Rating a Dish
  • Adding a Dish that was not yet on the Venue menu
  • Adding a Venue that was not yet on the database
  • Correcting a mistake
  • Proposing an Improvement
  • Inviting new Users and Venues

Negative (harmful) actions

Any action that is supposed to distort any credible information or fake any information will decrease Karma.

For example:

  • Fake Rating
  • Adding a Dish that is not on the menu
  • Adding a Venue that does not exist
  • Obscene or offensive comments
  • Fake complaints
  • Attempts to artificially influence the ratings
  • Et cetera

Moderation, interpretation, and judgment

We will not disclose all the technical information and metrics used for the user's actions evaluation and interpretation. Responsible representatives will act according to internal policy.

The rules are quite simple: do not try to cheat, and you won’t have a penalty.

Suspicious or harmful activities could lead to Karma decreasing, account ban, User data deletion, or correction.


The User Profile contains basic information and allows you to edit your name and communication preferences.

First and Last Name

Typically - first and last name. Using a real name will improve your experience of communication with the Venues. Sometimes it might be even required to benefit from free perks or use restaurant vouchers/discounts.

E-mail address

At the moment we only support oAuth authentication by Google, so it is technically impossible to edit the email address.

Useful insights, exclusive offers, presents, and opportunities

This setting allows you to manage email subscription settings.

Allow the venues (restaurants, cafes, etc) to reply to my ratings and comments to let me know if they care

Together we provide the Venues with useful feedback, so they could draw conclusions and make up for mistakes. So, if you allow them to let you know about the updates - there is a chance to improve your experience.

We will never share your contact information with the Venues and will not allow the updates to become annoying.

Keep my rating anonymous (do not show my name)

With this option on, we will show ‘anonymous’ instead of your name next to your Ratings and Comments

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